African Movie Star is a web magazine set up by Nubia Films to bring news and knowledge of African entertainment (film, music and arts) news to the world. The site was established in 2008 in Charlotte, North Carolina by Mr. Ali Salamy Baylay, a printer by profession, but presently a self-employed contractor with the state of North Carolina. From its inception to date, African Movie Star has interviewed many African (Nollywood and Ghollywood) stars through the help of our African departmental head and African and Nigerian entertainment reporter, David Adjiboye, and our friend and administrator Jim Stablein of Mediafluent.

We regret that the site was off air for sometime due to some administrative and staff problems but as usual, we are back with our philosophy of independent and unbiased reviews of African movies and news of our movie and entertainment stars in Africa.

We also implore all university students in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria who have camera and can report on their entertainment stars, to send their materials to: Ali@africanmoviestar.com

As long as your material is accepted and published, you will get paid. Remember, no news is too small for us. We can publish any news about our stars.

NOTE: All pictures must be jpeg.



Ali Salamy Baylay


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