Mount Zion Film Ministry Concludes Work On ‘Silent Cry’

Silent Cry is one of the latest movies from the stable of foremost gospel movie company in Nigeria, Mount Zion Film Productions.

The story revolves around a man of God, Pastor Joseph Mayowa who does not have time for his family. He devotes his whole life to his secular work and his church. This attitude of negligence greatly affects his wife and two children. Mrs. Mayowa secretly bears the pains of her husband’s unbecoming attitude alone especially as she does not want to expose his behavior to the congregation. Despite this, the duo has the ability to counsel  other couples and mend their broken homes.

Along the line, Pastor Mayowa’s old time girl friend in secondary school, Moji, meets him after they have lost contact for about 24 years. Moji pressurizes Pastor Mayowa to refresh their old time love, but Pastor Mayowa refuses all her advances with the reason that they are now both  married and more so that, he is now a born again child of God, and even being a pastor. However, this does not stop Moji from continuing in her advances to Pastor Mayowa.

The last plan for Moji is to trail Pastor Mayowa from Port Harcourt to Lagos, where the latter has been invited to preach in a sister church. Moji craftily ‘smuggles’ herself into Pastor Mayowa’s hotel room. This leaves the innocent Pastor puzzled as he wonders how the woman get to know about his programme, and even knows the hotel he’s being accomodated.

Meanwhile serious battle ensues between them in the room. His host Pastor Joel happens upon the event in the hotel room, and reports the incident to Pastor Philips, the General Overseer of Pastor Mayowa’s church, and after the emergency Ministers meeting, Pastor Mayowa is suspended.

During the spiritual incarceration, Pastor Mayowa changes his attitude towards his family by the power of God and his suspension is lifted and he gets restored back to his pastoral work.

This ninety-five minute movie proffered solutions for everyone passing through situations they cannot share or discuss with people. Silent Cry features artistes like Israel Ore-Adewole, Florence Adegunle, ace gospel singer-Tope Alabi, Lekan Asikhia and many others. The executive producers are are Evangelists Mike and Gloria Bamiloye and directed by Elvon Jarrett.

Photos by David Ajiboye

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36 thoughts on “Mount Zion Film Ministry Concludes Work On ‘Silent Cry’

  1. Jennifer Chukwujindu

    beloved, i thank for your live and for this great vision, in fact i lack words to explain the kind of impact i have received from watching your movies, in all i give God all the glory, i just want to say keep it up and may the good lord strengthen you, beloved do not compromise your faith

  2. felicia


  3. yisi matthew

    I am so glad to watch and know about the great evangelistic work you doing to see that you contibutie greatly to the advancement of the will and kingdom of God here on earth. God has also given a burden to serve him through this means and konw that there is coming a time when will come together to share .I am a Cameroonian,studied cinem in Nigeria and running faith movie ministry in cameroon. i so wish that you will accept our futuer invitation to cameroon.please reply.God bless you wonderfully
    Dir Yisi Matthew

  4. yisi matthew

    I am so glad to watch and know about the great evangelistic work you doing to see that you contibutie greatly to the advancement of the will


    Thank God 4 raising people like u when d world was in her most tragedic state. May d Lord continue to give u more spiritual insight. Note, don’t change God’s standard. ‘Let ur garment b always white and don’t let ur head lack ointment’ (Ecc. 9v8). More power 2 ur elbow! Pls, send d list of ur movies 2 me. Thks.

  6. Akinola Samson

    God bless MZFM for the wonderful works that God is using for numerous christain home.Please try to produce a film that will shows the picture of second coming of Jesus christ.liked ESAN AJOJI that had been fransforming a lot of villages and town.Thanks

  7. engr. ezekiel olusanmi

    God bless MZFM for blessing countless soul known and unknown. please be careful of small leaven that leavens the whole lump. you are unleavened as Christ our passover. Keep expecting the coming of our Lord. Thanks

  8. eze jonas, japan

    your work from A 2 Z are fully inspired, Holy-Ghostical indeed. the Bamiloyes are the best that can happen to the Christian Evangelistic Community,
    You have already capture the black race, the power to capture the entire world is what my prayer is for MZFP in Jesus name, Amen.

  9. Folagbade Happiness

    of a truth God’s anointing is upon u sir because every time i watch your film sir it make me to be concious of what i do and to think of heaven and the my spiritual growth.

    I pray that God Almighty will continue to guide u sir.

  10. MR Gboyega

    Good day to over there , please can you send the list all film that you produce and the place where l can buy thanks

  11. Army Of Righteousness

    Your ministry help me so much most especially when ever i am with pen, i learn much in your movies. I pray for all the ministers that Gate of Hell will not overcome your life, family, and ministries in Jesus Name.

  12. alice ola

    i pray that God almighty will continue to help you but pls dont compromise ur standards

  13. samuel

    i relly want to thank God for your life and ministries, what you have baen doing in poeples life through your drama ministries.GOD Bless U all Amen.

  14. Christian O

    How much I love Mike Bamiloye and his drama ministry n team. like Folake, i find it very difficult sitting to watch Nigerian movies. but I can sit watching MZ films for hours bcos like Mike will always “it is full of High spiritual Insight, Deep spiritual Truths and Heart Touching Moral Lessons. It has greatly affected my life from my early youthful days till date. I recommend it for all who come in contact with me. God bless you dear brother and maintain the God approved standard

  15. hibekay

    i love your movies but you are going back,compare the broken picter n the ultimate power,some things you were not doing then you are doing them now.God will not lower his standard for any body.kuddos to you

  16. Folake

    Left to me, i sincerely hate Nigerian films………. cos i feel they are too fake and do not apply to every day reality and actions. But whenever i get the chance to watch mount zion movies, I can feel a high level of reality in their actions, which make the lessons they teach practicable and beneficial to all who care to pay attention. I respect their production and actors. My favorite being Gloria Bamiloye, she’s d best……….. pls don’t let down your standards and soon the whole of Nigeria will prefer no other movie production.

  17. una kelvin

    I thank God for what He is doing with you people’
    am kelvin, am into christian drama.
    we have a script titled BLOOD ON OUR HANDS. Our basic challenge is money to shoot it, since it is our maiden production. i need advise from mount zion film.
    God bless you people

  18. una kelvin

    I thank God for what He is using Mountzion to do in our generation. may He continue to inspire ur ministry.
    i wrote a script titled ‘BLOOD ON OUR HANDS’ Everything is set, but i need sponsors to actualize my dream. God bless you

  19. Nosa Agbontaen

    What more can be said? Your ministry is a great blessing to our generation. I have watched several of your films and I feel like we are one family. Any time I watch your films it’s like It is happening now, because it is always from the realm of the holy spirit. Foundation, Last generation, forgotten ones amongst others just went to the debts of the spirit. May the Lord bless and continue to use you to bring these sound teachings to us. Amen.

  20. Temilade

    God in His mercies will never make you all like signposts; after leading many to heaven, He will help you all by His grace to make heaven. New strength from above everyday & keep up the good works.

  21. emilia

    May the Good Lord that started this good work always be with you.

    God bless Daddy and mummy Mike Bamiliye and his Team of Gods Children

  22. maintain holiness in all things

    ur messages are changing lives but do not lower d standard of the word & holiness bcos of money & exposure.

  23. Xprizznuh

    I’ve only seen just a few of your movies.But,I really like then.It’s a real blessing to see a black pastor in this kind of ministry,making movies with a REAL biblical message.I origionally started watching african movies to learn about (real) african culture.I’m an african (-american),and if you’ve see “Roots” or “Sankofa” you know why it’s important for me to know “my roots”.So,thank you for what turned out to be a “double blessing” .GOD bless.

  24. chidinma ikpo

    Gloria Bamiloye, you are indeed a gem, its a thing of joy to be together with your husband in the same ministry for especially winning souls for God. I am also an actress and a gospel singer. how i wish i will be one of your team. I can see my friend Oyindamula Adejumo in Haunting Shadows, we served together in Edo State. May my God bless you all.



  26. Ibitoye A. Yemisi

    I bless the Name of the Lord for ur ministry, God has used it to turn lives around for good. It is my prayer that the annointing of the Lord will never run dry in ur lives and ministry. Remain blessed and lifted forever. Thrive!

  27. Abimbola

    We ARMY IN CHRIST REVELATION DRAMA MINISTRIES we really appreciate God in your life for mavelous and spiritual things you been producing to change man’s life may God in his vine yard bless you more and more. You are all bless in Jesus name. bye

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